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● These Terms of Service (“Terms”) were most recently updated on December 27, 2020. We need rules to make our sales and online store safe, both for customers and other visitors to the Digital-m web store, in order to conduct business with everyone in an orderly and simple manner.

● These terms apply to all of your activities on the Digital-m website, mobile application, TV application, You Tube, APIs, and other related services (collectively, the “Services”).

● Please read all of the information below, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, or if you want to share your experiences with us on this website, by e-mailing Please do not send us your personal information if you are a minor!

● This Privacy Policy (“Rules”) explains what types of data are processed and for what purposes, as well as your rights in connection with such processing. Please carefully read these Rules before continuing to use the website. Please do not use the Digital-M website if you do not agree with their terms. The contractual relationship between the Digital-M and the service customer, as well as any changes to it, shall take effect only if it is in writing.

● Before work commences, the customer must appoint an authorized representative and one contact email address to represent the customer for the duration of the contract, as all communication will be via e-mail. To provide clear, unambiguous, and consistent guidelines and requirements, the service provider is required to ensure the proper functioning of its email and to immediately notify Digital-M of any change in email address. The Client agrees to notify Digital-M of any change in the email address specified as the Client's email address. If the customer fails to notify Digital-M of a change in email address, all documents and notifications based on and in connection with the agreed service will be considered duly delivered to the last agreed email address. All consequences of late notification and potential damage will be solely borne by the customer.

● The Client is required to notify Digital-M in writing by email of any changes in personal and/or identification data specified in the Offer or contract immediately and no later than within 3 days. If the customer fails to notify Digital-M of a change in authorized person, delivery of all documents and notifications based on and in connection with the agreed service will be considered duly performed to the authorized person listed in written communication. All consequences of late notification and potential damage will be solely borne by the customer. The customer is required to ensure that the authorized person's statement of will corresponds to the customer's actual will, so that Digital-M does not have difficulty fulfilling its obligations to the customer. In the event that the service provider's will manifests itself through different or unauthorized persons, Digital-M will act exclusively and in accordance with the instructions of the authorized person and will not act in accordance with the instructions of any other person of the service provider until the service provider is notified.

● The customer and Digital-M's collaboration begins with the payment of an advance or the entire amount. In accordance with Digital-M's offer for project development, i.e. the creation of a web map and the determination of all possible specific requirements that the client is required to state immediately. If the client does not specify all of the requirements before the price is formed, they will be treated as extra requirements and charged accordingly. Digital-M reserves the right to charge a fee for advising the customer on his specific needs. In some cases, the bid will include a project specification document prepared by Digital-M, which will be charged separately. For each new project, Digital-M sends a questionnaire (brief) to the client, which the client is required to fill out in order for Digital-M to form a bid based on the information provided in the brief. The offer specifies the maximum number of working hours based on the Digital-M estimate and the client's completed brief. Before beginning work, payment is made in accordance with the offer. The client is required to pay for all additional hours worked, or the contract will be terminated. Digital-M is under no obligation to return the advance or any other funds paid to Digital-M by the customer. Digital-M will bill the customer for any additional hours worked.
● The phase of designing the conceptual design of the cover and key subpages is the phase in which the conceptual design is designed and corrected to the final / approved solution. At this stage, communication between the Digital-M and the customer is critical in order to make all changes in accordance with the customer's expectations and wishes. All wishes and guidelines sent by the customer must be clear and unambiguous.
● The design phase begins with the receipt of all project materials and concludes with the approval of all sent screens via email, i.e. the display of subpages and covers. It is important to note that no additional subpage templates are created during web development; only those that have been approved at this stage are used for creation. During the design phase, it is common to format the web cover first and then make any necessary changes until final approval. Following approval, the project's development phase (production / coding / programming) begins for only those pages approved during the design phase (cover and all types of internal pages, ie which will be created).
● The next phase is website development - development phase (coding, programming) in accordance with the approved conceptual design, implementation of CMS system for independent content updating if it is the subject of the offer, adaptation for smartphones, and system control. The web solution is created in the development domain, and this phase may overlap with the design phase to some extent. Following the client's approval of the design of the cover or subpage, production of the same begins in the development phase, with no additional changes, refinements, and/or extensions of the requirements taken into account without affecting the price and deadline. The first system inspection / testing is then performed. The first submission of a functional website is sent to the client for review, followed by joint testing of the system and the implementation of specific corrections. At this point, the customer enters the basic content so that the design can be displayed more accurately without having to enter it again (eg only one product is entered, not 10 or 100 products) The customer has the option of requesting a single set of corrections or listing all potential irregularities and correction needs in a single document or email. At this point, these are corrections rather than changes to previously agreed-upon content.
● The following phase is getting to know the CMS system and paying for the entire service, i.e. getting to know the service client with the administration and methods of updating the content (text and images). The service provider can enter web content independently using the CMS system, and Digital-M is responsible for providing instructions for easy use of the CMS system as well as free technical and advisory support for two weeks after sending instructions and access data for using the CMS system. Digital-M is not required to perform a complete content entry, especially if the content is submitted after the first phase of the project has begun. In the case of a multilingual website, the customer is responsible for the complete entry of foreign language versions. Payment for the web solution development service is made no later than 14 days after the access data for the CMS and instructions are sent, regardless of whether all content is entered by the service subscriber during that time.
● The final phase is the migration / placement of the page on the production domain and content entry, which must be completed within 14 days of receiving the CMS access data and instructions. The page can be "locked" to the public even after it is on the final domain, as long as the subscriber does not decide to release the page to the public (for example, when the complete entry of content from the client's page is completed), in which case he must notify Digital by email -M. Digital-M can make the migration within 6 working days, provided that the client provides an adequate web linux hosting solution. Digital-M is not responsible for hosting services, but may migrate to the chosen provider if the technologies we normally use are no longer available; otherwise, Digital-M reserves the right to notify the client of the need to migrate to the production domain by the chosen hosting provider.
● During the design phase, Digital-M creates one conceptual design of the web cover design, which is then corrected based on customer feedback. After the client submits all necessary information and documentation to Digital-M, Digital-M begins the process of designing the website. Corrections are made in accordance with the customer's written, specific instructions. The Client is required to respond to Digital-M inquiries and requests as soon as possible and no later than two days after receiving such inquiry or request. According to Digital-M, for each day that a customer of the service is late, the deadline for creating the website is extended by the same number of days. If the conceptual design is still not completely satisfactory for the customer after the first round of corrections, a second round of corrections is performed. The client has the right to request a conceptual design correction in writing, stating the reasons. The client can make three corrections to the cover and subpage design proposal, and those corrections are included in the bid price. Following the third round of corrections, the proposals are either defined and approved by the contracting authority and prepared for the next phase, the programming phase, or they are deemed unsatisfactory and are reworked. In the event that the client is dissatisfied with the proposal after the third round of corrections, due to unclear and incomplete guidelines or indecision, further elaboration of the design proposal is charged extra in accordance with the Digital-M schedule, and after approval with the continuation of the design phase by the client. The approximate price for one hour of work is HRK 250.00 + VAT, which can be increased or decreased depending on the scope and type of work, and the price can be defined for each individual customer by a separate contract or offer. Following the client's approval of the cover design, other subpages or all types of subpage templates are formed with defined stylistic determinants, until the client's approval and in accordance with predefined functionalities, submitted contents, and web map. If the client has new, previously unspecified requirements for Digital-M during the design phase that require negligible additional engagement and thus may cause an increase in project cost, Digital-M will advise the client on reasonable alternatives to perform the desired function without the need to increase the price.
● Digital-M develops a responsive website, which is not the same as developing a separate mobile version of the website, and reserves the right to disassociate itself from any specific client requirements regarding the display of certain elements when browsing at lower resolutions. Digital-M expresses its dissatisfaction with any deviations in the design and display of specific elements of the website in specific web browsers (for example, in EOL web browsers / operating systems).
● Internal control is performed after the final design proposal is completed and the next programming phase is completed, and the page is sent to the client for the first review. Following the initial inspection, possible corrections to the contents and certain irregularities are made, which the customer is responsible for reporting to Digital-M in writing (email) within two working days of receiving notification of the website's availability for inspection. Following a final review of the site and confirmation of its correctness, the web is migrated from the development server / domain and the new web is made available to the public. If the web host is (located) with another hosting provider, the project is charged in full before the migration to the production domain. The client has two weeks from the day the website is transferred to the production domain to send Digital-M feedback on the site's work and any necessary corrections via email. Digital-M will send the customer clear instructions for using the CMS interface via email, allowing the site owner / service provider to easily update key website content. Within two weeks of receiving the CMS instructions, the customer has the right to request an update of the instructions from Digital-M, in accordance with the technical capabilities of the CMS system.

● Payment for the agreed-upon service is made in accordance with the dynamics outlined in the offer and/or contract. Project materials include everything that Digital-M has available in terms of web content - complete, proofread text materials, optimized photos, a logo, and any additional content that the client wishes to post on the web. If the project materials are not delivered in their entirety before the start of work, Digital-M reserves the right to reject all work caused or related to the subsequent delivery of materials, such as multiple changes of texts or photos, the need for photo processing, a lack of quality photos, and Digital-M for search, consulting, and graphic work related to photo processing, and any other additional work generated as a result of materials received after the start of work. The design proposal is created after the client submits the necessary materials in accordance with the sitemap (and the photos he wants to use on the website).
● The price of the website design service, the service description, the time, quantity, and duration of the service, as well as all other fees, are all determined in the offer for each individual client. Digital-M sends out invoices for jobs agreed upon the previous month by the 15th of the month. The Digital-m sends invoices to the customer via email to the contact address specified by the customer. The customer must file a complaint against the delivered invoice within three days of receiving it. Otherwise, the client is assumed to have no objections to the submitted invoice.
● Except for damage caused by Digital- M's intent or gross negligence, Digital-M shall not be liable for damage caused by technical interference during the use of Digital-M services. If the Client's unacceptable or unauthorized use of Digital-M services causes damage to Digital-M or third parties, the Client bears full responsibility. Digital-M is not liable for the web system's proper operation following the installation of the plugin by the administrator or a third party. Digital-M is not liable for any deficiencies or omissions on the open-source platform. Digital-M is not liable for technical errors, malfunctions, data loss or corruption, or the protection of personal data in connection with any open-source systems, banking / payment gateway systems, backup systems, commercial plugins, hosting services, server errors, or any other services provided by third parties. Digital-M expressly disclaims any liability for damages resulting from deficiencies, system errors, or any business problems caused by the technical nature of using the web solution. Digital-M cannot be held liable for the behavior and operation of any third-party tools and services, including hosting providers, open-source platforms, and other listed elements that are in any way related to the web solution's operation.

● The client is responsible for submitting to Digital-M all project materials when work on the website begins, or no later than five working days after payment is made in accordance with the offer / contract. Project materials include everything you need for web content: complete, proofread text materials, photos, a logo, and any additional content that the client wishes to post on the web. The design proposal is created after the client submits the necessary materials in accordance with the sitemap (and the photos he wants to use on the website). To use the material, the client must have a license. Digital-M is not liable for the origin of the material or any illegal use of it. Digital-M reserves the right to refuse use of submitted material if the customer does not have permission to use it, but is not responsible for content in the customer's domain or content in the development domain during production. Any delay by the client in the preparation and submission of materials is reflected in the final deadline for the website, i.e. the deadline is extended by a time proportional to the difference in the number of days between the expected date of receipt of project materials and the actual date of receipt of complete project materials. If photography, text writing, photo processing, or other services related to the preparation of project materials are required, a separate agreement between the client and Digital-M can be reached, and the price of this additional service is charged separately. Subsequent changes in the materials (changes in titles, texts, photos, etc.) may result in additional costs, and it is the client's responsibility to submit all necessary materials during the project phase that is designated for this, or at the start.

Digital-M reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship with the customer without notice in the following circumstances:

● If the customer fails to provide Digital-M with all necessary documentation or access to all necessary information, Digital-M will be unable to fulfill its obligations to the customer.
● If the customer is significantly late in fulfilling the undertaken obligations, fails to fulfill the undertaken obligations, or violates any of the undertaken obligations, causing a delay in the fulfillment of Digital-M obligations, causing Digital-M damage.
● Failure to pay Digital-M invoices by their due dates, i.e. failure to pay two consecutive Digital-M invoices.
● In the event that a customer of the service against Digital-M engages in actions and activities that cause Digital-M harm and damage to its business reputation, Digital-M will be held liable.
● By filing for bankruptcy, liquidation, or another similar procedure against the client.
● If the Client modifies the content of the Services delivered, designed, and for which Digital-M is responsible without Digital-M's written permission.
● As well as for other reasons, such as force majeure, frequent poor communication with the client, and so on.

The customer has no right to seek restitution for the delay unless the delay was caused by intent or gross negligence. If the customer terminates the contractual relationship after paying the advance for any reason, Digital-M retains the entire amount of the advance and charges for all services provided to the customer until the contract is terminated.
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads

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digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads
digital-m - web design - online store - marketing - ads

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